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Electronic Repair- Sansui B-77 Stereo Power Amplifier! von Mr Carlson 's Lab vor 2 Jahren 35 Minuten 128 Réparer l'ampli du Philips Ampli Tuner 22RH720 (202 réponses ) Cherche bouton balance sansui au917 sur Marseille (7 réponses ) Ampli SANSUI (2 réponses ) Ampli Sansui A7 - fusible grille (2 réponses ) Ampli Tuner capte très mal (0 réponse ) Réparer amplificateur. Coleman Dual Capacitor 1499-6601. IN-STOCK. Item number 21 in exploded parts views. Information / Specifications: Metal body Approximate dimensions: 5-1/2" x 2" (sometimes varies depending on manufacturing) Wires approximately 28" long (varies a couple of inches depending on manufacturing) 370VAC; 60+25uF +/- 6%; 50/60Hz; Rated up to 70c / 158f.

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