Feb 22, 2017 · WiFi connection is working fine but, communication via broker is not working and it always gives the message "Could not connect to MQTT server". How to make esp8266 work with HiveMQ broker. The dashboard of borker is http://www.mqtt-dashboard.com/. mqtt esp8266 arduino-esp8266 hivemq.. "/>

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First you will need to create an IoT Hub. Then, enter your newly created IoT Hub for configuration. Fill in your subscription, create a new resource and then go to the Management-tab to choose a Pricing and scale tier. We choose the F1: Free tier. Enter the IoT Hub you just created and find IoT Devices in the left menu. After connecting ESP8266 Clients with the Network, the ESP8266 Clients will initiate connection with the MQTT broker. Reload MQTT entities on the Server Controls page.. Entities should now appear on the Energy configuration page of your HA instance:. Notes. If you cannot find the entities, make sure your ESP8266 is connected to the MQTT broker.

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