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Standard Version: 6-way Charger. Receiver ( Optional): Compatible Frsky NON-EU Receiver. Compatible Frsky EU-LBT Receiver ( XM+ Receiver) Compatible Flysky AFHDS/ AFHDS-2A Receiver. Compatible DSM2/DSMX Receiver. Size: 98mm*98mm*36mm. Weight: 25.9g (without battery) This is compatible with our 250mah HV Whoop Batteries. HappyModel Mobula 6 & 7 PID’s HappyModel Mobula7 – Default PID settings – These are the PID settings that came with the quad from HappyModel – Betaflight v4.0.0 HappyModel Mobula7 – Custom PID Settings – These are the settings that I am using and they work very well indoors and outdoors on both 1S and 2S batteries..

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