Knives, Cleavers and Saws. Sharp knives are still essential in a butcher shop. A typical butcher's knife set includes a 10-inch butcher knife, 6-inch beef skinner, 5-inch narrow boning knife, 6-inch curved blade boning knife, and 6-inch wide blade boning knife. Also, the butcher will need a bone ax, a 25-inch bone saw and a heavy-duty meat cleaver.. "/>

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Mar 12, 2019 · Learn what butchering equipment you need to butcher your own deer, pigs, goat, sheep, or any other farm animal at home! In PART 4 of our series A Butcher Demonstrates How To Properly Butcher a Deer, Jason Tarzia of Tarzia Meat Packing lists 7 tools you will need to butcher your own farm animals at home..

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