In the Trust Center dialog, select “ Macro Settings ”. Disable all macros without notification: you won’t be able to enable or run macros when you open a workbook. You’ll still be able to make and run macros in new. There is just one piece of Stata arcana which you need first: the idea of a local macro. The next section goes over that .... "/>

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Title macro lists — Manipulate lists SyntaxDescriptionRemarks and examplesAlso see Syntax flocaljglobalg macname : list uniq macname flocaljglobalg macname : list dups macname flocaljglobalg macname : list sort macname flocaljglobalg macname : list retokenize macname flocaljglobalg macname : list clean macname. Graph twoway line is how Stata define line graphs (type help graph for details on this and other types of graphs) The do-file editor looks like this. To run this do-file type in Stata command window. do linegraph. To run the program that makes the 37 graphs just type (and grab a cup of coffee or tea) linegraph.

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