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Answer (1 of 5): This is an example of a binomial distribution: k = number of trials = 7 n = number of successes (heads) = 2 p = probability of success = .5 q = probability of failure = .5 P(x = n) = C(k, n)p^n q^{k-n} P(x = 2) = C(7, 2)(0.5)^2 (0.5)^{7–2} P(x = 2) = 21 \cdot .25 \cdot 0. What is the probability That when you toss the coin three times you will get exactly two heads. Now keep in mind that probability is the comparison of favorable outcomes, two possible outcomes. ... So therefore the probability of getting exactly two heads would be 3/8. Limited Time Offer. Unlock a free month of Numerade+ by answering 20.

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